not assembling

We started our business long ago in 1958 when our company was active in the distribution of industrial sewing machines. Over the years we have evolved by trusting our experience gained during this time, and ultimately producing special sewing machines. For over a decade we have been manufacturing only automatic systems for the various textile sectors worldwide: the industries of clothing, underwear and corsetry, up to highly technical sectors such as the naval industry and sportswear.


A constant and
valuable assistance

Our company has grown in the course of the last twenty years all over the world. Today, clients use our machines for their own production in all 4 continents: from America to Asia, from Europe to Africa. Our technical staff is trained and highly specialized to assist our clients for every need, whether this is mechanical, electronic or consultancy on production. Our experience over 20 years allows us to examine with our clients their requirements and advise them on the best productive cutting phases of materials up to the final packaging.

attention to your needs

We give special importance to the project analysis which accompanies every offer made by us. It is fundamental for our clients today to reach automation in the productive phases in order to bring production costs to a minimum, at the same time guaranteeing constant quality of the finished products. Therefore, analysis of specific requirements is essential. Every time we develop a proposal we must have direct dialogue with our clients to fully understand their particular production requirements with regard to efficiency and quality.

Ad hoc planning

Every machine, automatic system or simple device is planned ad hoc. Our Technical Office uses highly sophisticated planning instruments such as CAD 3D, FEM simulation software, and software for PLM planning. Continued research for new technical solutions, aimed at rendering our automation ever more competitive from every point of view, allows us to be flexible and dynamic in facing the various requests from our clients.

Manufacturing for you, with you.

We manufacture personalized automatic systems just as our clients produce customized clothing. We can define our final products as “custom-made for you”, thanks to the special cooperation we create with our clients and to project development, which enables our technical solutions to accompany issues of production that arise during the different phases of production. Our strength is dialogue: common objectives can only be reached through full understanding of the client’s needs. Our greatest satisfaction is knowing that our clients obtain the highest results using our automatic systems, reaching market aims that otherwise would have been impossible.

De-localizing production towards emerging countries with low production costs is not always the best option. This has been proved by the number of companies still producing in European or American countries where these costs are higher but they are still able to be competitive on the ever increasingly difficult global market, which is possible using an automation as proposed by us.